A couple of months ago I tried expanding my baking skills by making apple hand pies from scratch. I read through the ingredient list making sure I had everything in the right amounts, neglecting to read the whole recipe for any equipment I might need. I was partway through preparing […]

Evaluating Kitchen Equipment

Something wonderful lurks inside the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. The upside-down-inside-out approach to keeping things neat, works! Kondo’s philosophy is the opposite of what most home organization books I’ve read teach. Rather than focusing on tossing the extraneous, her idea is to keep […]

Tidying Up : Love what you Keep and Keep it ...

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Clutter. So high, can’t get over it. So low, can’t get under it. So wide, can’t get round it. Seems like it grows, like a mustard seed. Quilting, doll making, soap making, jewelry making, basket weaving, crocheting, rug making, string art, papermaking, bookmaking and other untold paper crafts . . . […]

How To Cut the Cost of Creative Clutter

Purple fabric piled with coordinating threads and a large pair of silver shears.
I sew. Not diligently, and certainly not professionally, but I can put together and successfully wear my own clothing without it falling apart; therefore I say: I sew.  As someone who sews, there are two things I hear all the time; first, “Did you make that [dress, shirt, costume, etc.]?” […]

The Cost of Sewing

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For quite awhile, ahem, decades, I had a gnawing feeling about the assorted chemicals I was using to clean our house. Interesting articles I’d saved about using baking soda, lemons, essential oils, and such, were simply tucked away in a Martha-Stewart-sort-of-idea-box. Someday, I thought, I’ll go green. The next week, […]

Green Clean Your Home

Less is more
Financial Benefits of Organizing and Minimizing   #1 Tax Benefits – donating to your favorite charity gives you a great tax deduction, come year end. Or, sell what you don’t need and get the extra cash. #2 Avoid unnecessary purchases – you can see what you actually have, and avoid […]

Less Is More